Kingdom Academy is an exciting place for children to grow spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally. Our school emphasizes the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and it is through exploring and discovering the world He created that reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies come alive. Our teachers will challenge your child to use their creativity, knowledge, skills, and technology-based media to demonstrate a mastery of standards. This is accomplished in a safe, nurturing environment where students can apply their learning around rigorous and relevant activities presented through a Christian worldview.


Kingdom Academy forward-thinking educational program has been recognized by the Florida Council of 100’s as a model school because of our commitment to ensure that future generations of Florida students are prepared to compete in an ever-changing world. Our exceptional program is enhanced with hands on experiences that drive our students to high academic achievements. The success of our program is the partnership between the school and the families to share one goal: STUDENTS FIRST!


A school developed curriculum is implemented in elementary. The program extracts the best practices of research-based curriculums to provide the students with opportunities to excel. Differentiated instruction at every class level allows for small group instructions and opportunities for each child to achieve their highest potential. The following are the academic core subjects:
  • Bible
  • Language Arts
  • Arithmetic
  • Science
  • Social Studies


A strong educational program requires a strong enrichment program. Enrichment activities build upon the regular curriculum to offer greater context and a deeper dive into the subject matter. They also provide extended learning opportunities and challenges to students who have already mastered, or can quickly master, the basic curriculum. Enrichment gives the student more time to study concepts with greater depth, breadth, and complexity. These are:
  • Financial Literacy
  • Project Based Learning
  • STEM
  • Robotics
  • Computer Science
  • Music Education
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Spanish
  • Etiquette


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Miami, FL 33196
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